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About the Honors Program Virtual Poster Session

Welcome to the Honors Program Virtual Poster Session library guide. The projects on this page represent Honors students research work from spring quarter 2022. On each tab, you can view the students' posters and videos they recorded about their projects. On each tab, there's also a link to a feedback form. Note that you must be logged in with your Highline College username and password to complete the feedback form.

Spring 2022 Honors Posters

Anisa Abdi & Danniela Pinto - Building Trust in Marginalized Communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Mythbusting the Infodemic

Yahya Abdulmohsin - Inside the Mind of a Genius: Was Newton Right?

María Baltazar - The Silence of the Voices: Generational Sexual Abuse 

Warren Buenarte - The migration rampage: impacts on the US and migrants

Samuel Hernandez - A change that needs to be done: opposing everyday use of plastic

Anh Huy Lam - Project Ant: Mark I - Companion robot with abilities to either control manually or automatically to track and provide household utility

Jenifer Landin-Reyes - More Harm Than Good: Examining the Effects of the Troubled Teen Industry

Jillian Whiting - Orthopedic Medicine: Who’s Passing the Bone Saw?

Yamileth Zarate Olmedo - Why Do Women Not Get The Same Coverage as Male Athletes?