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Honors Program Virtual Poster Session: 2022 Honors Projects

About the Honors Program Virtual Poster Session

Welcome to the 2022 Honors Program Virtual Poster Session library guide. The projects on this page represent Honors students research work from spring quarter 2022. On each sub-page, you can view the students' posters and videos they recorded about their projects. There's also a link to a feedback form. Note that you must be logged in with your Highline College username and password to complete the feedback form.

Spring 2022 Honors Posters

Olivia Brooks: Systemic Patriarchy and Racism in Women’s Healthcare: What Every Healthcare Provider Needs to Know
Fe Hadley: Life on the Outside: Motivation of Incarcerated Students to Enroll in College or GED Courses
Echo Hall: Just What the Doctor Ordered: Opposing the Patriarchal Culture in Medicine
Samuel Hernandez: How Legends are made: The processes of making your dream Hot Wheels
Lorrin Malady: Bloodletting & Inoculations to Clinical Trials & Vaccines: Medicine Has Evolved, but Have Our Attitudes?
Susan Muthoni: Women’s Reproductive Health Matters: Endometriosis
Yuka Takahashi: When You Make a Decision with Men’s Best Friend (Pets)