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Study Rooms - For Students

group study room

The library has several enclosed group study rooms that students may use. Seven are located along the North wall of the library's 3rd floor -- 306-308 (West side) and 312-315 (East side).

West side

306 307 308

East side

312 313 314 315

These rooms are provided on a "First-come, First-served" basis, with the understanding that groups of three or more will have priority over smaller groups. A larger group must be present and ready to occupy the space before asking a smaller group to vacate.

Please note: Even though these spaces are enclosed, they are not sound-proof, please be respectful of other library patrons.

We do not take reservations for these spaces.

Please bring any questions about these rooms to the Circulation Desk (on the 2nd floor/Plaza level).

Zoom Spaces - For Students

The library has several options to support students taking Zoom classes. If students bring their own laptops, they are welcome to use these spaces for Zoom classes:

  • 2nd floor: Zoom spaces in the Southeast corner (when you enter the library, turn right to see the Zoom spaces.)
  • 3rd floor: Any cubby hole study space in the corners of the 3rd floor (our group study rooms are prioritized for groups of 3 or more students.)

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Ask a Librarian

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