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Federal Government Documents

The Highline College Library is an official depository library in the Federal Depository Library Program.  The library has moved to being a virtual depository.  This means that it is no longer collecting government publications in print form but provides access to government documents online and provides reference assistance and computer facilities to access them.


Learning and Teaching Collection

This collection, adjacent to the 2nd floor Reference Collection, is comprised of books related to teaching at the college level.  Areas of emphasis include Teaching Tips; Critical Thinking; Culturally Responsive Education; Online Teaching; Assessment, and more. These books can be checked out for three weeks.


The Legal Collection is located in a room on the southeast corner of the 4th floor. This is a teaching collection, with selected volumes from various print legal sets and is no longer being updated. The materials are meant for teaching purposes and not research, and cannot be removed from the library..


The Main Collection is located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the building and is arranged using the Dewey Decimal System. Look up a specific title or just find the location of a certain subject by using the library catalog found on the computers on the main floor. Main Collection items with Dewey Decimal numbers from 000-699 are located on the 3rd floor, numbers from 700-999 and Oversize items are located on the 4th floor.

Magazines / Periodicals

The Periodicals Collection consists of newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals that are found on the on the west side of the 2nd floor, Plaza. Current issues are displayed while past issues (6 months to 2 years) are in storage areas behind the displayed issues.  Newspapers are retained for one month.  The titles are arranged alphabetically on the display case.


The Media Collection is located on the 2nd floor in the Reference Collection stacks. It consists mainly of DVDs. . Patrons can check out these items for three weeks.


The ESL Collection has books, and book/CDs for people learning to read, write, or speak the English language. It is shelved on the east side of the 3rd floor. The items in the collection are color coded and labeled with a letter into 3 levels: Beginning level materials will have a blue label with the letter B on it. Intermediate level materials will have an orange label with the letter I on it. And, advanced level materials will have a yellow label with the letter A on it.


The Reference Collection is located on the east side of the 2nd, Plaza floor of the library and consists of resources such as atlases, bibliographies, biographies, dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias and indexes and abstracts that can only be used in the library. They are often a good place to start when investigating a new topic or subject.


The Reserve Collection is found behind the Circulation Desk on the main floor. These books (mostly currently-used textbooks) are put in the collection by request of the instructors and support the classes that are offered each quarter. They are for Highline student use only. Students must use these books in the library only for 2 hours at a time. Only one textbook may be checked out at any one time.

Stanley P. Owen Native American Collection

In 1997, Stanley Owen donated his unique and extensive Native American collection to the Highline College Foundation and the Highline College Library. This collection consists of approximately 3,000 items and can be found by searching One Search and limiting the scope to "library catalog" and use the phrase "Stanley P. Owen Native American Collection.".