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Learning and Teaching Center (LTC) Library Collection

Books are organized in an A-Z list and by subject

Learning and Teaching Center (LTC)

The purpose of the Learning and Teaching Center is to support a culture of self-directed and collaborative professional development, assisting faculty and staff engagement in meaningful learning practices. The LTC is especially committed in furthering the college's strategic initiatives of excellence in teaching and learning. The LTC is also dedicated to enhancing a college climate that values diversity and global perspectives.

LTC Library Collection Subjects

The books in the Library and Teaching Center are selected to support the Highline faculty and staff in their professional development as educators.  Any college faculty and staff can suggest titles for the collection by contacting any member of the the LTC staff. 

In addition to an A-Z list by title of the collection, titles have been categorized to assist users in finding materials of particular interest. Some titles will be found in more than one subject category depending on its content.

Selected Guides to Enhance Your Teaching at Highline College

LTC Book List

Links to a PDF document that lists the current LTC titles as well as access to all of the titles in a collection on the Library's website. 

Updated February 2024