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Scheduling Library Instruction for a Class: Home


Use our online scheduling tool to schedule information literacy instruction session with a librarian. Once you place your request, we will assign a librarian and send you a confirmation email.

We get many requests for information literacy instruction sessions, especially at the beginning of the quarter. Please request instruction sessions as early as possible to ensure you get the date you prefer and to give the librarian time to prepare. The online scheduling database requires that sessions are scheduled with more than 24 hours' notice. For requests with less than 24 hours' notice, contact the reference desk to see if we can accommodate you.

Please upload a copy of the assignment to help the librarian prepare; you can do this when you make your initial request or any time after that.

Information literacy instruction sessions can be taught in the library instruction room (25-206A), in Bldg. 30 (if a room is available), or in your classroom. Regardless of location, the Reference Department is able to offer only one class at a time, due to availability of staffing.

  • The library instruction room (25-206A) has a capacity of 40 students.
  • It's your responsibility to arrange for a room in Bldg. 30, if you want the library instruction session to take place there.

Reference Desk Contact Information: or 206-592-3232

Not doing research but need computers?
If you would like to reserve a computer-equipped classroom and your students are not doing research, please contact Deborah Lynn Wiley ( in the Information Technology Services Department.


Before you schedule a session . . .

  • Since library instruction sessions occur during regularly scheduled class times, the instructor is expected to be present to conduct and/or monitor the class.
  • Librarians may limit the number of second and third priority classes if necessary to meet first priority needs. (See Scheduling Priority List).
  • For group computing needs other than those listed in the Scheduling Priority List, contact Bldg. 30 to reserve computer lab space.
  • Assessment is a top priority of the library faculty. Please consider incorporating information literacy assessment into your assignments. Librarians welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you.

Scheduling Priority List

So that we may meet the numerous, and sometimes conflicting, demands for the library instruction room, we have established the following priorities for scheduling. 

  1. First priority - formal instruction sessions: The instruction room may be reserved for a single class or a short series of classes taught by a librarian or a librarian in collaboration with a course instructor.

  2. Second priority - follow-up lab sessions: The instruction room may be reserved for classes doing research using print and electronic resources as follow-up to a previous formal instruction session as described above.

  3. Third priority - independent lab sessions: The instruction room may be reserved for classes doing research using the computers and electronic resources without having had previous formal instruction by a librarian. To allow for the scheduling of higher priority sessions, these may be scheduled no more than 72 hours prior to the class. Weekends don't count in that 72 hours, so if you want to schedule a session for Monday, you can do that on Wednesday of the preceding week.