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Honors Program Virtual Poster Session: 2020 Honors Projects

About the Honors Program Virtual Poster Session

Welcome to the 2020 Honors Program Virtual Poster Session library guide. The projects on this page represent Honors students research work from spring quarter 2020. On each sub-page, you can view the students' posters and videos they recorded about their projects. There's also a link to a feedback form. Note that you must be logged in with your Highline College username and password to complete the feedback form.

Spring 2020 Honors Posters

Bhawya Bedi: Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence
Joseph Clift: The German Protestant Church and World War Two
Kiera Golden: Influential Plants of Scotland
Jennifer Guidos: Violence and Maltreatment in Intimate Relationships for Spanish Speaking High School Students
Jeniffer Kyule: Traditional Music of the Akamba Tribe of Kenya
Lelania Rodda: Guilty For Insanity: Inmate Mental Health Awareness (team project)
Sofia Sednef: The Wonders of Yellowstone
Tiffany Tran: The Chemistry of Hair-Dyeing
Ana Ulloa: Guilty For Insanity: Inmate Mental Health Awareness (team project)
Lyneisha Williams: Seeing Is NOT Believing- An Analysis of the Misuses of Eyewitness Testimony
Melissa Wilson: Piano 1 Composition
Solomiya Zynych: The Progression Of Affirmative Action In University Admissions And The Workplace