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Recommended Reading: January-February

Highline College's librarians recommend materials from the library collection on a wide variety of topics.

Black Leadership & Healing Arts Booklist

Streaming Media

Hosted on Youtube and part of Cora Learning, Black Minds Matter is a 5 part series of webinars addressing "issues facing Black students in education by drawing parallels between the policing of Black lives and schooling of Black minds" (Cora Learning,  Facilitated by Dr. J. Luke Wood and Dr. Donna Ford ,this series engages academics, activists, and community members alike.

A mindful meditation and conversation (during the COVID-19 pandemic)  with Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams (Zen priest and founder of the "Transformative Change" organization) and Tara Parker-Pope (founding editor of Well). Their conversation explore "the inner work we all must do to cultivate a liberated life and usher in social change" (New York Times Events, 

"Dr. Ward’s work examines the causes and conditions that have led us to our current state, and he finds, hidden in the crisis, a profound opportunity to reinvent what it means to be a human being. This is an invitation to transform America’s racial karma. In Dr. Ward's latest book, America's Racial Karma: An Invitation to Heal, he offers his insights on the effects of racial constructs and answers the question: how do we free ourselves from repeated cycles of anger, denial, bitterness, pain, fear, and violence?" (CIIS Public Programs Youtube,

African American Diaspora Resources and Events

Black Excellence in Children's Books

About This Guide

2021 Black History Month: Transformation and Healing

This libguide honors Black leadership across transformative political movements, academic, arts, and healing/wellness cultures. Topics explored include Black-led womanism, abolition, ancestral connection, reparations, afrofuturism, healing trauma, mindful practices, and more.

Transformative and Healing Podcasts

Resources for healing-centered justice work and movements