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Recommended Reading: June-July

Highline College's librarians recommend materials from the library collection on a wide variety of topics.

About This Libguide

Congratulations Graduates of 2020! 

Though Highline's campus was closed this quarter and the library will stay closed through Summer due to the Corona virus, the library would like to honor the ongoing political movements, activists, and resiliency grounding our everyday lives. This Spring of 2020 saw the Black Lives Matter movementmass-citizen protests, and community aid projects and care reach the mass news-media and general population. And so we honor some historic activists, community visionaries, political memoir, global citizen uprisings, and pay special attention to how we have conversations with younger generations in our lives. 

This guide features non-fiction theory, graphic novels/comix, personal memoir, and children-family friend books about activism and social change. While the physical campus is closed the librarians are still available remotely throughout each week that campus is open; we're available for library/research teaching, 1:1 research Zoom-chats, and via our team email: 

Activism and Social Justice ebooks

In the Library: People's History & Political Memoir Graphic Novels

Beyond Libraries: Independent Bookstores to support

In The HC Library: Children's Books about Activism and Social Change