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Recommended Reading: March

Highline College's librarians recommend materials from the library collection on a wide variety of topics.

Hackers & Cybersecurity

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Highline College Library presents our March Recommended Reading theme: Hackers & Cybersecurity.

This guide provides a sample of resources that support Highline College’s BAS in Cybersecurity and Forensics. It also provides information about the differences between White Hat, Gray Hat, and Black Hat Hackers, and resources to enhance your understanding of cybersecurity.

Electronic Journals & Magazines at HC Library

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Here is a small sample of Computer Science Journals and Magazines offered with full-text access through the library:

Common Research Keywords

When doing research in the area of hackers and cybersecurity, there are some common search words that you can use when searching library databases or Google.

They include, but are not limited to:

  • black hat
  • computer security
  • computer network security
  • computing
  • cybercrime
  • cybersecurity
  • cryptography
  • cyberwarfare
  • grey hat
  • hacker
  • hacking
  • identity theft
  • malware
  • patriotic hacking
  • spyware
  • white hat
  • zero-day

Different Types of Hackers

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Hackers & Cybersecurity: Streaming Videos from the Highline Library

Rise of the Hackers (53:21)

NOVA goes behind the scenes of the fast-paced world of cryptography to meet the scientists battling to keep our data safe. They are experts in extreme physics, math and a new field called “ultra-paranoid computing,” all working to forge unbreakable codes and build ultra-fast computers. From the two men who uncovered the world’s most advanced cyber weapon to the computer expert who worked out how to hack into cash machines and scientists who believe they can store a password in your unconscious brain, NOVA investigates how a new global geek squad is harnessing cutting-edge science—all to stay one step ahead of the hackers. From PBS.

Rise of the hackers [Video file]. (2014). Retrieved February 27, 2019, from

Zero Days: White Hat and Black Hat Hackers (48:45)

In the cyber world trade, where there are no rules, you are in luck with "white-hat" hackers, who guard your online security. But their opponents, the "black-hat" hackers, have an interest in an unsecure internet, and sell security leaks to the highest bidder. They are the preferred suppliers of security services and cyber defense. Who are these black and white wizards, who fight for the holy grail of hackers: zero days? From NPO/Netherlands Public Broadcasting.

Zero days: White hat and black hat hackers [Video file]. (2014). Retrieved February 27, 2019, from

Defeating the Hackers (49:53)

This film explores the murky and fast-paced world of hackers out to steal money and identities and wreak havoc with people's online lives, and the scientists who are joining forces to help defeat them. Horizon meets the two men who uncovered the world's first cyber weapon, the pioneers of what is called ultra paranoid computing, and the computer expert who worked out how to hack into cash machines. A BBC Production.

Defeating the hackers [Video file]. (2013). Retrieved February 27, 2019, from

TEDTalks: Misha Glenny - Hire the Hackers! (18:35)

In this TEDTalk underworld investigator Misha Glenny profiles several convicted hackers from around the world and reaches a thought-provoking conclusion about their motivations. Suggesting that coders with advanced skills may be socially awkward and vulnerable to recruitment by cybercrime ringleaders, Glenny proposes working with instead of against them.

TedTalks: Misha Glenny—hire the hackers! [Video file]. (2011). Retrieved February 27, 2019, from

Cyber Wars: The Hacker as Hero (49:10)

This film looks at the kind of combat for which skilled hackers are recruited and which they often pursue with every bit of energy and resourcefulness asked of more traditional military personnel. Produced by Doc En Stock

Cyber wars: The hacker as hero [Video file]. (2011). Retrieved February 27, 2019, from

Hackers & Cybersecurity: Electronic Resources

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