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Recommended Reading: September-October: Data Literacy

Highline College's librarians recommend materials from the library collection on a wide variety of topics.

Data Literacy

Data Literacy

According to the Oceans of Data Institute

"The data literate individual understands, explains and documents the utility and limitations of data by becoming a critical consumer of data, controlling (their) personal data trail, finding meaning and taking action based on data. (They) can identify, collect, evaluate, analyze, interpret, present and protect data."


Benefits of Data Literacy

From the Berkley School of Information

  • Making sense of complex or competing information 
  • Deriving clear conclusions from a set of data
  • Estimating realistic solutions for everyday problems 
  • Applying information to your own life or decisions 
  • Filtering out unreliable sources with ease

Online and Library Resources for Finding Data

What are Data and Data Literacy?

Ebooks in the Library

Online Resources

Books in the Library