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News and Updates from the Highline Library

Highline Library: A Photographic Retrospective

Night view of previous library building

Black text on white background: This is HCC's new 6-level library, completion early 1978

Announcing the new 6-level library, completion early 1978

1977 or 1978 Library Construction

Library building (undated)

Library building (undated)

staircase connecting 2nd and 3rd floors

Library Entrance (undated)

A grand staircase once connected the 2nd and 3rd floors (in the current location of the Circulation Desk)

3rd floor study area

Library 3rd Floor (undated)

black & white image of library staff in vintage clothing sitting behind a public service desk

Library public services desk (undated)

black and white Library Building, view from the east

Library Building, view from the east (undated)

Library building (undated)

Library building, view from the east (undated)

autumn foliage in front of the library building, viewed from the east

Library Building, view from the east (undated)

Library Building and building 26, viewed from the yard in front of the current student union building

Library Building, view from the east (2022)

2006 Circ Desk

2006 Circulation Desk: L to R - Bob Hermanson, Marilyn Gerhardt

2006 Bob Hermanson

2006 Gerie teaching library staff about blogging

2006 Gerie teaching library staff about blogging

2006- L to R - Chad Russell (media), Dawn Webster-Piper, Gerie Ventura, Randy Ellis (media)

2006 Reference Desk

2006 Reference Desk - Reference Librarians Aryana Bates and Shireen Deboo staff the desk

2007 Circ Desk

2007 Circ Desk

2007 Fall Info Commons

2007 Fall Info Commons

2007 Gerie

2007 Gerie Ventura

2008 Storytime

2008 Storytime - Librarian Hara Brook (in green, on right) with son Sam standing beside her

2008 Commencement

2008 Halloween

2008 Hara Brook

2008 Library Witches

2008 Library Witches - L to R - Hara Brook, Jacqui Trillo

2008 Commencement

2011 Circ Desk

2011 Info oCommons

2011 Info Commons

2011 Ref Desk


2015 Student Welcome Fair - L to R - Karen Fernandez, Sabrina Sundell

2017 Circ Desk

2017 Political Action Resource Fair - Deb Moore at the pop-up library booth

purple hydrangea blossoms frame the library building

2019 Library Building, view from the east

Photo taken 07/18/2019 by Romute Barkauskaite

2020 Reference Department Zoom Meeting

Top row (from left): Deb Moore (and Odetta Mae Moore), Hara Brook, Katie Straton 

Middle row (from left): Jack Harton, Karen Fernandez, Ben Horvath 

Bottom row (from left): Naoko Yasuda, Gerie Ventura, Monica Twork 

A green card featuring from left to right: Chloe Fernandez, (The Future), Jay & Joy Barkauskas, Odetta Mae Moore, The Highline College Library welcomes you unconditionally, Mr. POTUS Sundell, Peeper Bowen-Umetsu, (Is) Janet Moore, Sugar & Ratchet Kelley, (Meow!), and Beauty Sundell.

2020: The Future is Meow

A green card featuring from left to right: Chloe Fernandez, (The Future), Jay & Joy Barkauskas, Odetta Mae Moore, The Highline College Library welcomes you unconditionally, Mr. POTUS Sundell, Peeper Bowen-Umetsu, (Is) Janet Moore, Sugar & Ratchet Kelley, (Meow!), and Beauty Sundell.

2020: What a Ruff Year!

A blue card featuring cats and dogs: Jill & Cricket Bowen-Umetsu, (2020: What a ruff year!), Missy, Jill, Freddie, & Versace Bowen-Umetsu, Howie Kuro Twork, and Ginger Moore.

2022 Library - L to R - Ben Horvath and Gerie Ventura (with Ben's daughter)

a baby in a blue outfit sits on the library floors, in front of a man in a red jacket. The two sit between colorful stacks of books

2022 Reference Librarian Ben Horvath and daughter explore the stacks

2022 Reference Department Meeting

Clockwise from top left: Allison Reibel, Monica Twork, Jack Harton, Hara Brook, Karen Fernandez, Ian Porter

Library: A Study in Blue

Staff Updates

[alt-text: Romute Barkauskaite wears purple glasses and a lovely blue scarf]

Romute Barkauskaite is now a full-time member of the Library Circulation Services Department. As a Highline alumni in Library & Information Science, Romute brings to Highline a 22-year career in academic and public libraries. She will assist affiliates at the circulation desk with their library needs. Romute is also the primary person in managing Interlibrary Loans (ILL’s). ILL is a cooperative arrangement in which member libraries can share books. 

Libraries are places of language and learning; Romute has knowledge of 4 different languages, she has worked in both Lithuanian and United States libraries, she taught high school drama in her native Lithuania, and has visited many wonderful places while traveling the globe. A wonderful fit for our internationally diverse campus.

In her role of Library and Archives Paraprofessional Romute brings to Highline College a solid background in meeting student needs, and a strong understanding of how best to communicate with students. She has utilized these talents to create an informational flyer on nearby public libraries, so students may find additional library services in the South King County region.

Romute enjoys cooking, crafts that include knitting and crochet, and gardening. She makes time in her work schedule to care for all the plants in the library. 

Welcome Romute to her new role at

Library Impact Snapshot

We answer over 630 chat questions a year: "I know 150% of the time librarians know exactly how to cite and are very helpful. Librarians are awesome." Faaloloi I., Highline College Students

[alt-text:  We answer over 630 chat questions a year: "I know 150% of the time librarians know exactly how to cite and are very helpful. Librarians are awesome." Faaloloi I., Highline College Students]

Chat with a librarian 24/7!

Navigating Online Information Resource Guide

This new guide on mis/disinformation describes briefly the essential tactics for navigating online news and information without falling prey to misinformation (false or misleading information spread unintentionally) or disinformation (false or misleading information spread intentionally).

alt-text: Navigating Online News and Information in white font, against the background of a phone app screen


OER News

[alt-text: OER Commons. Open Educational Resources]

Over fall 21, winter 22, and spring 22, 70 instructors (that we know of) across campus designated in ctcLink that their courses use Open Educational Resources (OER). They may be OER such as open textbooks from OpenStax or a combination of materials that are OER, Open Access (like links to websites and open-access articles), or library-licensed articles accessed through the Highline College library or King County Library System databases. That is a significant amount of savings for students when textbooks can cost between $80-$100 (or higher). Besides saving students money, OER can also help instructors prioritize equity in learning because they can customize materials to embrace the identities of their students.


Fall 2021

Winter 2022

Spring 2022

Total student enrollment in courses designated as having OER materials.




Estimate of amount of money saved by these students (assuming they would have spent $100 on a textbook for the course they took). Note this is just an estimate to illustrate savings possibilities.




Enrollment totals provided by Skyler Roth in Highline’s department of Institutional Research; $100 estimate based on OER research.

Contact anyone in the Course Materials Affordability Work Group for additional information or to join us.


Author E. Gabriel Flores Reads Award-Winning Short Story "Mala Suerte"

If you missed the live event, you can still enjoy the recording of author E. Gabriel Flores reading her award-winning short story, "Mala Suerte," selected for the The Best American Mystery and Suspense 2021 by Alafair Burke (editor).

This event is part of Highline Reads.


New (Unofficial) Little Free Library in the Library

We created our own unofficial Little Free Library in the HC Library. If you’re not familiar with Little Free Libraries, they’re a place where people can share books. You’ll find ours on a black cart next to the reference desk. Come by anytime you want to find a new book to read, and also drop off books you want to find a new home with someone else.

[alt-text: Little Free Library. Silhouette of person reading book at sunset. Take a book, leave a book. Just read!]


W.W.L.S.R. (What Would Library Staff Read?)

Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism

by Amanda Montell

From the SPL record: “The author of the widely praised Wordslut analyzes the cosial science of cult influence: how cultish groups from Jonestown and Scientology to SoulCycle and social media gurus use language as the ultimate form of power.” It was a fascinating look at how language influences our thoughts and behaviors. Overdrive ebook, Kindle edition from SPL


Dispatches from Planet 3

by Marcia Bartusiak

A series of essays on the history of astronomy and physics from the ancient Greeks to 2018.  


The Fervor
by Alma Katsu. (check it out from KCLS).

Horror fiction set in the very real horror of WWII Japanese-American internment camps.


Founding Mothers: the Women Who Raised Our Nation
by Cokie Roberts. 

The overlooked herstory of the women who helped create a new nation.


A Game Of Fear : An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery

By Charles Todd

The 24th book of the series about a post-WWI British police inspector suffering from PTSD investigating murders in the English countryside.


A Gentleman in Moscow
by Amor Towles

This book immediately joined my list of favorite books of all time. The writing is luxurious and descriptive, and it’s filled with humor and poignancy. Plus, because it’s set in Moscow from the 1920s to 1950s, there are reverberations with current world events and ideologies.   


Lost Angeles
by Michael Dressel

This photographic collection is filled with images that capture humanity in all of its beauty and despair, focusing on the souls who came to Los Angeles to make it big, but never did. Dressel doesn’t look down on his subjects; he reveals something unique and truly human about them. Still, I often wonder if he’s ever been punched by a subject.


The Things She’s Seen

by Ambelin and Ezekiel Kwaymullina (check it out from KCLS).

Written by Australian Aboriginal siblings, this short novel manages to incorporate a gorgeous meditation on grief and colonialism (with Aboriginal folklore and imagery) into a murder mystery. Choose the audiobook version of this one to enjoy the Australian accents! 

[alt-text: books on a shelf]


Explore the Wonders of Birds


Learn how important, and perhaps endangered birds are. What would the sound of spring be without the songs of birds

Remember Rachel Carson (May 27, 1907 – April 14, 1964) recognized as a founder of the modern environmental movement.  “Over increasingly large areas of the United States, spring now comes unheralded by the return of the birds, and the early mornings are strangely silent where once they were filled with the beauty of bird song.“ — Rachel Carson, book Silent Spring (1962)

Listen and learn about Ornithology (study of birds) at the Cornell Ornithology Lab

Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring is available in the Highline College Library main collection.

[alt-text: yellow bird on pink flower]