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EBSCO eBooks Help

What are eBooks?

eBooks are electronic books. Many books in the Ebsco Academic Collection have already been published in paper. These books will have the same cover, table of contents, text, and illustrations as the paper or print version. You can view these books on your computer, or on most devices that will display PDF files.

The Ebsco eBook Academic Collection offers over 200,000 books from a variety of publishers. These books are non-fiction and cover most academic subjects, including art, history, business, psychology, communication studies, and much more.

How Do I Access Ebsco eBook Collection?

1. Go to the Highline Library webpage –
2. Under the One Search box, click Databases.

Screenshot of databases link under One Search box on library homepage.
3. On the Databases page, click on the Books tab.
Screenshot of databases page with books option selected.

4. On the Books page, click on Ebsco Ebook Academic link.
5. If you are off campus, you will now be asked for your Highline username and password. 

How Do I Search for an eBook?

The large number of books in this collection (100,000) means that most searches will retrieve many books.

Search Tip: You may want to limit your search at first to a title search (which looks for your term in the book’s title) or a subject search (which looks at the 4 or 5 subjects the publisher, author and book cataloger have decided the book is about.) You will see three boxes to type in your search.

If you want more results, then leave “Select a field” showing next to your search term. The system will look for your search terms everywhere in the book.

How Do I Read the eBook?

This is one record from a search:

You have two options for reading the eBook:

1. Click on the title (“Teach, Care, Act” in the example above) or on the eBook Full Text icon to go directly to the book


2. Download (Offline) will let you download the book to an ereader. To see the table of contents first, click on the Table of Contents link.

How Do I Save From an ebook?

Most eBooks will allow you to save up to 60 pages at one time. This works best if you email the saved file to yourself.

While looking at the full text of the book, click on the Email icon, the fifth icon from the top of the right-hand side tool bar.

Select “Current page” or “Current page and the next _ pages” if you want multiple pages. (“Current page and the next 59 pages” will get you 60 pages.)

Type in your email address in the right-hand side of the box. Click the “Email PDF” button.