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ESL Advanced

ESL Level 5

Find Books

1.  Go to the Highline Library home page.

2.  In the One Search box, type in esl5 for Advanced Level books.  Select Library Catalog. 

3.  Click ESL Collection on the left side of the screen under Location. Click Available in the Library under Show Only

Results list in One Search.In the narrow search menu, arrows pointing to Available in the library and ESL collection.

4.  Click the title of the book to see the full record.

One Search book record with an arrow pointing at the book title.

5.  Check to see if the book is available.  Write down the call number. The call number tells us where the book is located. If you need help, ask a librarian.

One Search book record with arrows pointing at availability and call number.


One Search

One Search

Books in the Library