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Topics from LibraryLive sessions at Highline College.

What We Offer

Your HC Librarians are happy to meet with you at any time to discuss your research assignment. We can:

  • review an existing assignment and provide feedback for revisions to it
  • co-develop an assignment with you
  • provide examples of successful research assignments
  • explain the biggest mistakes we see students making during research
  • and much more

Why It's Important

  • "A recent survey of faculty handouts for research assignments found that most of the handouts provided details for length, citation guide style and how to get assistance from the faculty member. What wasn’t included was a critical need for most undergraduate students: context for the research topic" (Schuck).
  • Co-developing an assignment with a librarian can save the faculty member precious time for content-specific instruction and can help improve the quality of the assignments submitted by students.
  • Let us help you align your research assignment with your course outcomes and provide valuable feedback on how students do research these days (Believe us; it's not always pretty!).

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