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Topics from LibraryLive sessions at Highline College.

Printing in the Library: What You and Your Students Need to Know

Printing (and preparing) PowerPoint presentations

  • Designed for the screen—not for paper
  • Upload only the printable version—6 slides to a page
  • Use a light background with dark text

Put handouts on Canvas or reserve in the library

  • Use PDFs
  • Design your classes so students don’t need the handouts right in front of them
  • Put course packets on reserve at the library—copies are cheaper than printing

Electronic submissions of papers and tests

  • Use dropbox in Canvas
  • Create a folder in Outlook

Electronic peer review

  • Use dropboxes
  • Use discussion forums

Use the comment feature in Word

  • Don't track changes
  • Can save to pdf for students not using Word

Allow students to submit work that is printed on both sides

  • Small change for us but big savings on paper and cost for them

 Consider setting up class in a way that students don’t need paper copies of handouts, etc.

  • Use overhead, Canvas web in class