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Telework: Home

Resources and tips for Highline College employees engaged in teleworking during the current coronavirus situation.

About this LibGuide

This guide is to act as a professional development resource
for Highline faculty and staff as they engage in telework during the
coronavirus outbreak.  It contains information on Library and web-based
resources available for professional development.  It also links to technology-
related resources from Highline's Information Technology Services and Instructional Design Dept

Highline and Washington State Coronavirus Updates

Highline has a Coronavirus Information and Resources page that contains the latest official communications from the College, including updates from Dr. John Mosby  and the Washington State government as well previous updates and a FAQ list  for General Information, Information for Students, and Information for Faculty and Staff.

The Washington State's Governor's Office has set up a Coronavirus Information site with information concerning schools, workers, businesses and more, including the latest news. 

Highline Technology Resources for Telework

Instruction Technology Services (ITS) has listed tips for Remote Working Options on its Coronavirus Protection Tips page.  Included in these tips are are Using Virtual Private Network (VPN), Zoom, Software Tools in the Cloud, and e-Learning options.  Also, ITS has a Tools for Staff page which offers information on telework possibilities such as Camtasia, Google Drive File Streamand Remote Desk Connection and VPN.

The Instructional Design Dept. has highlighted some low-effort, high-impact ways that you can use Canvas and other tools.

Tips on Successful Teleworking

Tips for Remote Work 
Emory Univ. (Human Resources Dept.)
Note: contains short tips on establishing a dedicated workspace, using technology and tools, staying connected, and maintaining regular work habits.

Tips for Telecommuters
Stanford Univ. (IT Dept.)
Note: includes tips on setting expectations, equipment, tools, space, chat, and setting a calendar.

10 Tips for Telecommuting
(Huffington Post)
Note: tips include separating work life from home life, establish "office hours" . set up the proper environment, and don't forget to get out of the house.

Get More Done: 18 Tips for Telecommuters
Note: still more tips on telework, including getting dressed (no working in pajamas), staying out of the kitchen, set regular work hours, and get in-person time with co-workers.

Employee Assistance, Wellness, and Self-Care

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