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Finding Statistics

Finding statistics on your topic can be tricky, but the tips on this library guide will help you get started. If you search for more than 15 minutes and can't find what you're looking for, please contact us using the Ask a Librarian page.

Getting Started with Statista

Links to Sources with Statistics

Searching for Articles and Websites with Statistics

Finding Articles: You can find articles with statistics in them by using the library's Search Everything tool from the library's home page.

  1. To begin, click Advanced Search under the Search Everything tool.
  2. Enter your topic and add the word statistics. Do the search.

search everything statistics search


Finding Web Sites: You can also find web sites in a similar way.

  1. Go to Google, and type in your topic along with the word statistics.

Google statistics search

After you do an initial search in Google, you will see a cog icon in the upper right corner.  Google Advanced Search
Click that to go to Advanced Search.

On the Advanced Search screen, you can limit your search to .gov web sites (or .edu, .org, etc.). Government web sites are a good place to find statistics.

Google Domain Search