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Global Community Initiative 2022-23: Climate Action

This guide was developed to support Highline College's 2022-23 Global Community Initiative (GCI).

Global Community Initiative: Health and Wellbeing

Global Community Initiative 2021-22 Logo

Streaming Media

Democracy Now with Dr. Paul Farmer: Centuries of Inequality in the U.S. Laid Groundwork for Pandemic Devastation

"As the United States sets new records for COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations, we speak with one of the world’s leading experts on infectious diseases, Dr. Paul Farmer, who says the devastating death toll in the U.S. reflects decades of underinvestment in public health and centuries of social inequality. “All the social pathologies of our nation come to the fore during epidemics,” says Dr. Farmer."

Articles and Websites

Iinternational Public Health Organizations

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
"Our mission is to create a world where every person has the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life."

Health Alliance International

Our Mission is to promote policies and support programs that strengthen government primary health care and foster social, economic, and health equity for all.
Our Vision is a just world that promotes health and well-being, including universal access to quality health care.

Washington Global Health Alliance
WGHA connects and informs the global health community, creating a culture of collaboration among members to increase their impact in the world. 

We envision a global health community that fulfills its greatest collective potential for achieving global health equity.


"At PATH, we are a global team of innovators working to accelerate health equity so all people and communities can thrive. We advise and partner with public institutions, businesses, grassroots groups, and investors to solve the world’s most pressing health challenges.”

PRONTO International

PRONTO International aims to optimize care during birth. We develop and implement innovative training strategies that act as a catalyst for health care providers to make individual, team, and systems changes.”




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