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Accessibility Resources

Library Database Accessibility Features

Library database providers vary in the accessibility features they offer. This page is an overview of features found in popular library databases. 


Some full-text articles in EBSCO databases are available in HTML. When HTML is available, EBSCO provides text-to-speech.

Newer PDF documents are ADA compliant, but PDF documents uploaded to EBSCO databases before 2004 may not be readable by a screen reader. 

Popular EBSCO databases are listed below. 


Full-text articles in Proquest databases can be downloaded as PDF documents or plain text. 

Proquest has a listening feature where full-text articles can be read aloud. 

Popular Proquest databases are listed below. 


Full-text articles found in Gale databases can be downloaded as PDF documents. 

Gale databases also have a Listen tool which reads the article aloud or downloaded as MP3 files. Users can also increase or decrease article font size.

Popular Gale databases are listed below.