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B.A.S. Education

Recommended resources for B.A.S. (Bachelor of Applied Science) in Teaching & Early Learning.

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The Raising of America: Early Childhood & The Future of Our Nation.   (2015). California Newsreel. From Kanopy video database. "The Signature Hour interweaves discoveries from neuroscience with the stories of families and communities struggling to provide the nurturing environments all babies and young children need to thrive--while too often hindered by social conditions that put their children on low developmental paths. It reveals how stressors on parents can drip down on their infants and young children, literally altering the wiring of their developing brains with enduring effects. Why are so many children faring so poorly in the richest nation on the planet? How might we do better?"

Role Play: Setting Up and Planning (2005) Teachers TV/UK Department of Education. From Academic Video Online database. "Sheila and her colleague Sue Durant watch the work of practitioners at Stanley Road Primary School. They follow the development of two linked role-play areas, an outdoor garage scene and a forecourt shop inside the classroom, which are inspired by the children's own ideas and natural play.

Starting small: teaching children tolerance Call Number: MEDIA 370.117 T253 2008

Preschooler Social and Emotional Development (2008) Learning Seed.From Academic Video Online database.

Physical Development (2009). Learning Seed. From Academic Video Online database.

Video observations for the Early Childhood environment rating scale (2006). Call Number: MEDIA 362.712 V652e 2006

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