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Evaluating Faculty

Information and resources related to: >Interpreting student evaluations >Observing classes face to face >Observing online classes

Evaluating and Observing Faculty: Information and Resources

       Evaluating and Observing Faculty:  Information and Resources  

Why Evaluations and Observations?
The purpose of the faculty evaluation is to let your faculty know the effectiveness
of the class in teaching the intended material and their effectiveness in facilitating
your learning. It is an opportunity to let them know what worked well, and what can
be improved upon.   Faculty Evaluations (Evergreen State College)

Faculty Peer Review Resources

Faculty Peer Review
Western Washington University   (Lehigh University)
Faculty Handbook

Student Evaluations (Link)
Provides links to some relevant websites such as "Analyzing Student End of Course Written Comments" and Making Sense of Student Evaluations" (Lehigh University).

Faculty Peer Evaluations (Link)
 contains a list of General Resources and Online Course Resources provides links to websites and documents on faculty peer evaluations.  Examples of resources linked to include Peer Review Guide for Online Courses (Penn State) and Peer Reviews of Teaching: A Best Practices Guide (California State Univ. - Northridge).

Addressing Teacher Evaluation Appropriately

Meta-Analysis of Faculty's Teaching Effectiveness: Student Evaluation of Teaching Ratings and Student Learning are Not Related

How Do We Evaluate Teaching? Findings From a Survey of Faculty Members

How Do We Evaluate Teaching? Findings From a Survey of Faculty Members
By Craig Vasey and Linda Carroll
American Association of University Professors
May/June 2016

First Paragraph: In fall 2014, the AAUP’s Committee on Teaching, Research, and Publication conducted a survey to gather information about how colleges and universities evaluate teaching and use the results. The committee hoped that this survey would help faculty members improve evaluation practices at their institutions and enable them to defend themselves and their colleagues more effectively against the misuse of student evaluations. A few respondents explicitly expressed the hope that the AAUP would provide a list of best practices or recommended guidelines.

Benchmarks for Teaching Effectiveness

Effective Evaluation of Teaching: A Guide for Faculty and Administrators