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PSYC 180 Human Sexuality (Tomatich) - Reading List

Books for the PSYC 180 Human Sexuality reading assignment.

Purpose of this Library Guide

This guide provides a list of titles that can be used for the book reading assignment for Human Sexuality (PSYC 180). The titles, selected by the instructor, have been divided into categories that can be selected from the menu on the lefthand side of the screen.


From the American Psychological Association Dictionary (2007)

Sexuality - 1. the capacity to derive pleasure from all forms of sexuality activity and behavior, particularly from sexual intercourse.  2. all aspects of sexual behavior, including gender identity, orientation, attitudes, and activity.

From the Encyclopedia of Psychology (Corsini, 1984)

Human Sexuality - sexuality in humans describes the breadth of functioning from basic physiological differences between male and female, to traits which characterize masculinity and femininity, to covert and overt sexual behavior.  Sexuality is the essence of humanness, the drive which fuels intimacy and procreation.  Its implications for understanding human psychology are enormous.

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