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Recommended Reading: August-September

Highline College's librarians recommend materials from the library collection on a wide variety of topics.

About this Guide

basket full of vegetables and eggs with text sustainable food

The USDA maintains guidelines on what’s healthy for Americans to eat. In 2015, for the first time, the USDA’s advisory panel recommended that those guidelines should also include sustainability. The guideline requested to look into the factor in whether or not a food is good for the planet when deciding whether it is healthy. You can view the report in its entirety by clicking the link below.

Our library provides you with a recommended reading list to broaden the basis for an enlightened opinion and responsible conduct by individuals, enterprises and communities in enhancing the relation between natural environment and healthy natural food.

You can also find these materials on our Recommended Reading display rack on the Plaza Level of the library. Please borrow and enjoy them!

Recommended Reading/viewing list

Online Resources

Books in the Library



Food for Thought (SERIES) 

This ten-part series explores the technology and science behind our food supply. Set in Australia, young presenters guide viewers through recent technological advances in food cult...

© 2002 Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Eating Green: Environmentally Friendly Food (FULL VIDEO) 

From Series: Food for Thought

The quality of our food and our environment is vitally important. But the way we produce food

can damage the environment. So how do we choose foods that are good for us as well as..

An Organic Food Primer (FULL VIDEO) 

More and more consumers are turning to organics as fears escalate about genetically modified foods, chemical pesticides, and the antibiotics fed to animals. In this program, farmer...

© 2000 Canadian Broadcast Corp

The Green Encyclopedia, Part 1: Environmental Innovations and Opportunities Video Clips (FULL VIDEO) 

From Series: The Green Encyclopedia Video Clip Collection

This collection of 60 video clips (1 minute, 10 seconds each) presents innovations and opportunities arising from the impact of environmental threats on the people of the world....