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Recommended Reading: April

Highline College's librarians recommend materials from the library collection on a wide variety of topics.

Heading reading "national poetry month" in artistic letters

About This Guide

April is National Poetry Month!

On this guide you will find a selection of poetry we have at the Library. These poets represent our diverse community, giving voice to the powerful experiences of immigrants, women, LGBTQ+ people, people of color, and people with disabilities in ways only poetry can evoke.  

National Poetry Month celebrates poetry in all it's forms, raises up diverse voices, and encourages people to read more poetry. Find out more about the month-long celebration and get involved by browsing the National Poetry Month website. 

Included in this guide are resources for you to find more poetry online, find opportunities to connect with other writers, and find events and projects that celebrate the Pacific Northwest's vibrant literary culture. 

Visiting and Highline Faculty Poets

Online Poetry Databases at Highline

Read Poetry Online

Reading List: April Poetry Month

National Poetry Month at Highline College

Did you know Highline College hosts events during National Poetry Month?

A student poetry contest with 106 submissions resulted in 10 finalists. You can see the finalists' poems displayed on the 4th floor of the library. Highline College also hosts a number of  eadings, talks and workshops,  from April 6th to April 17th to celebrate National Poetry month. Check out the winners and the full schedule on the Highline College Blog.


Image of Highline Poetry Month Events. Follow link "Full Schedule" below for screen-reader-friendly version.

Full Schedule and information:

Local Poetry Programs and Events

Writing Opportunities