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COVID-19 Resources: COVID-19 Resources

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The COVID-19 pandemic is extremely stressful and it is vitally important to not panic. In addition to practicing good hygiene and social distancing, the next best way to prepare for what is to come is to stay informed and to be able to separate fact and fiction. This guide provides resources for the Highline College community and its aim is to bring information and peace in a time of uncertainty and fear.

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Highline Vaccine Clinic and Testing

Free COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Winter Quarter 2022 Guidelines

If you are on campus for the winter quarter, we want to remind you of three things: 

  1. Do not come to campus if (a) you are experiencing any COVID-19-like symptoms, (b) you have been exposed to someone who you know or believe has COVID-19 or (c) you have tested positive for COVID-19 and are in isolation.
  2. Upgrade your mask. Students and employees should wear a higher-level face mask, such as a KN-95 mask, a disposable surgical mask with a cloth face mask worn on top or a disposable surgical face mask alone. We have disposable surgical masks available in several locations including Buildings 6, 8, 30 and the Library. 
  3. Notify the college if you test positive for COVID-19 and were on campus in the week leading up to your positive test.  Notification helps keep everyone safe by allowing the college to disinfect the campus and notify anyone who had been in close contact they will need to quarantine. Use the reporting form below.

If you are exposed to someone who tests positive, no need to quarantine if you: 

  • ·     Are vaccinated for COVID-19 and have received a booster 
  • ·     Have completed the 2-doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine within the last six months 
  • ·     Have completed the 1-dose of J&J within the past two months 

We encourage you to get a COVID-19 test on the fifth day since you were exposed  to confirm you do not have the virus. A good fitting face mask is required to be worn at all times while on campus. 


If you have been exposed to someone who tests positive, quarantine for five days if you: 

  • ·       Are unvaccinated for COVID-19 
  • ·       Have completed 2-doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine over six months ago but are not boosted 
  • ·       Have completed one dose of J&J over two months ago and are not boosted 

We encourage you to get a COVID-19 test on day five to confirm you do not have the virus before returning to campus. Upon returning to campus, a good fitting face mask is required to be worn at all times.

 From Highline's COVID-19 FAQs.

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3 Years into a Pandemic, what does that mean?

Information about Variants

Local and State COVID-19 Information

Trusted Sources for Information

COVID-19 Vaccines

Treatments for COVID-19

COVID-19 vs. The FLU

The internet is a BIG place. Learn the facts about the facts.

The internet has become a very important source of health information for users. There is a lot of false and misleading health information out there. 

Information Overload??

Access to King County Library System (KCLS) Online Library

The Highline College Library has partnered with the King County Library System (KCLS) to provide free and automatic access to the entire KCLS Online Library to every Highline College employee and student.