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2020 Reference Encyclopedia Selections: The World of the Civil War: a Daily Life Encyclopedia

E-title selections for the Highline College Reference Collection

The World of the Civil War: a Daily Life Encyclopedia

The World of the Civil War: a Daily Life Encyclopedia  Greenwood  2v.  2015    $218

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Title overview (Publisher website)
Publisher description: The American Civil War caused dramatic changes in every aspect of life and society, affecting combatants and noncombatants at all levels of the socioeconomic scale. The World of the Civil War: A Daily Life Encyclopedia offers an accessible and reliable reference for the major topics that defined American life during the nation's most tumultuous era. Taking a blended approach to history, this book covers the military and political history of the era and examines the social and human experiences of the war, thereby offering a comprehensive look at the Civil War era's most significant events, people, places, and experiences.
The thematic organization of this encyclopedia helps readers to more readily explore related topics. The subject matter explored in some 250 entries includes religious beliefs and practices; rites of passage; soldiers' lives and experiences; rural and urban life; social structure of the Civil War era—aristocrats, landowners, and slaves; men's and women's roles and responsibilities; holidays, festivals, and other celebrations; tools, machinery, and inventions; and justice and punishment. Readers will come away with an understanding of many aspects of daily life during the Civil War era and gain appreciation for the vast differences between life today and 150 years ago.

CHOICE (2016) Edited by independent scholar and historian Frank, this latest title in the publisher's "Daily Life Encyclopedias" series focuses on the social history and economic issues pertaining to civilians and military personnel during the Civil War. The 230 entries are organized into ten major categories that treat the arts; clothing, fashion, and appearance; economy and work; family life and gender roles; food and drink; housing and community; politics and warfare; recreation and social customs; religion and beliefs; and science and technology. Each section offers an introductory essay, followed by signed entries in alphabetical order, and includes a list of cross-references indicated by section and article title and a list of further readings. The two-volume set includes some illustrations, 15 primary source documents, a selected bibliography, a list of contributors, and an index. The contributors' articles, some unique, fill gaps one often encounters in reference works about the Civil War; topics of interest range from hoopskirts to mourning clothes, as well as those one would expect to find (e.g., on the Freedmen's Bureau, and secession), making this work a valuable source for any library collection. Summing Up: ** Recommended. Undergraduates; general readers.- T. S. Hefner-Babb, Lamar University-Beaumont


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