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2020 Reference Encyclopedia Selections: Encyclopedia of Global Resources

E-title selections for the Highline College Reference Collection

Encyclopedia of Global Resources

Encyclopedia of Global Resources   Salem Press  4v. 2019   $435

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Earth Materials and Resources 2v 2013


Title overview (publisher website)
Publisher description: Encyclopedia of Global Resources provides a wide variety of perspectives on both traditional and more recent views of Earth's resources. The articles in this set are extremely diverse, with articles covering soil, fisheries, forests, aluminum, the Industrial Revolution, the U.S. Department of the Interior, the hydrologic cycle, glass, and placer mineral deposits. Top resources are covered, as well as major events, milestone historical events and government laws.

CHOICE (2019):  The third edition of this encyclopedia set, as edited by Madsen, represents an update containing hundreds of articles with varied perspectives on global resources. The coverage is not limited to mineral resources but also includes articles on ecological, biological, and climatological resources, with country profiles and biographies among them, as well as the economic uses, exploitation, and management of the Earth's resources. Each volume features a table of contents, which combined with the index makes navigation easy. In addition, the set includes a helpful and robust appendix in the fourth volume. Although many tables and images accompany the textual articles, some of them are of poor quality. A few images evidently originated as color images but were not adjusted when converted to black-and-white, making it difficult to discern the subject (for example, the Asian long-horned beetle image on p.109). Additionally, the tree map graphs of country exports are difficult to read (for example, the Chilean exports graph on p. 191). At certain points the white text in these tree maps cannot be read. Nevertheless, despite the scattered poor graphics (the only real failing of these volumes), updating the previous set with the current edition is worthwhile.


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