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2020 Reference Encyclopedia Selections: 50 Events That Shaped African American History

E-title selections for the Highline College Reference Collection

50 Events That Shaped African American History

50 Events That Shaped African American History: An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic  ABC-CLIO   2 v.   2019   $204

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Title overview (publisher website)
Publisher description: This two-volume encyclopedia offers a unique look at the African American experience, from the arrival of the first 20 Africans at Jamestown through the launch of the Black Lives Matter movement and the Ferguson Protests. It illustrates subjects such as the Jim Crow period, the Brown v. Board of Education case that overturned segregation, Jackie Robinson's landmark integration of major league baseball, and the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States. Drawing from almost 400 years of U.S. history, the work documents the experiences and impact of black people on every aspect of American life.
Presented chronologically, the selected events each include at least one primary source to provide the reader with a first-person perspective. These range from excerpts of speeches given by famous African American figures, to programs from the March on Washington. The remarkable stories collected here bear witness to the strength of a group of people who chose to survive and found ways to work collectively to force America to live up to the promise of its founding.


Library Journal (2020): Through 50 well-chosen snapshots, Wilson (history, Salem State Univ.) brings to vivid life five centuries of African American history, from the slave trade to the Civil War and Reconstruction to the civil rights movement to Black Lives Matter and beyond. Display this one during Black History Month—and year round. (LJ 2/20)

Booklist (2020) : The events and figures presented here range from the introduction of slavery in the Americas circa 1500 to President Barack Obama’s September 2016 speech dedicating the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Major topics, such as the abolitionist movement of 1830–1860, are presented in selective chronologies, narrative accounts of events, sidebars summarizing key issues (like the Underground Railroad), captioned illustrations, in-depth biographies of notable figures, and historical documents (like the Emancipation Proclamation). Among the ten broad topical areas, more specific, not-to-be-forgotten incidents or events are explored—the Harlem Renaissance, Jackie Robinson’s entry in major league baseball, Brown v. Board of Education, Emmett Till’s murder, the founding of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Black Panther Party, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Bibliographies, internal cross references, and a thorough index enhance access to specific topics. This work both updates and complements Stewart King’s equally engaging two-volume Encyclopedia of Free Blacks and People of Color in the Americas (2012).