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Recommended Reading: April

Highline College's librarians recommend materials from the library collection on a wide variety of topics.

About This Guide

  Month for English/ Literacy Learners

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In April, the Highline College Library provides a recommended reading list for English language learners including new immigrant students, ESL students, ABE students and other English/literacy learners, to help with their English achievement. The selection is based on the following themes:

  1. Instruction resources that will support instructors to create comprehensive, theme-based lessons for ESL literacy learners,
  2. Reading resources at the intermediate level,
  3. Reading resources at the advanced level,
  4. Writing resources at the intermediate level,
  5. Writing resources at the advanced level,
  6. Resources for speaking and listening,  
  7. English language test preparation.

Please come to the Library. You can find these materials on our Recommended Reading display rack on the Plaza Level of the library, in our New Readers Collection on the 4th floor (building 25) in room 419 on the east side, and in our main collection as well. Please borrow and enjoy them!

New Readers Collection in the Library

The New Readers Collection has books especially for ESL students.  You will find the collection on the 4th floor of the library (building 25) in room 419 on the east side.  The books and other materials are color coded and letter coded by ESL class level.

Blue  letter  B – Beginning ESL Level 1 & 2
Orange letter  I – Intermediate ESL Level 3 & 4
  letter  A – Advanced  ESL Level  5

Ask for help at the Reference desk.

Tutorial: Library Catalog

Tutorial: Books and Ebooks



Header Image

The Seattle Public Library

The Seattle Public Library provides ESL collection, 
ESL classes, citizenship services and employment
and training services for immigrant students. for easy reference will give

you definitions of English words as well as

thesaurus entries and a word of the day.

There are also many other helpful

resources this site offers.

 Check out the dictionary of idioms

available from

There are hundreds of idioms listed

on this site as well as phrasal verbs

and other grammatical irregularitie

students may need help with.

On this site,  students will be

working towards a proficient

score on that test to prove

their English skills.

With you can create your own

quizzes and even have students search

 to find them. If you are looking

for comprehension activities, they are ready

to go.

This site includes materials for teaching

with film and video, the internet and music.

This site lists the grammar rules

of English alphabetically,

and they are easily accessible.

Not only that, they provide

PDF files of lessons on these rules

that you can use with your students.

Instruction Resources

Reading at the Intermediate Level

Writing at the Intermediate Level


Reading at the Advanced Level

Writing at the Advanced Level

Listening and Speaking