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Visual Literacy: Find Visual Sources

This guide will help you to find, read, cite, edit and present images.

Images in a book?

Say you are looking for images by a particular artist and you've found a book about that artist in the library catalog. How can you tell whether the book contains images?

Below are the details of this book. Does it contain images or illustrations? Yes!

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Health and Science Images

Close view of a red ripe strawberry revealing the rough, dimpled skin of this fruit, which allows you to see why the strawberry needs to be thoroughly washed.  Photo by Debora Cartagena, 2012 from Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Public Domain.

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General Images

Close-up of paper umbrellas from Microsoft Office

Images from our Databases

Lightening flashes over under-construction residential high-rise. SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images

Art Images

Pastoral, Frederick Cayley Robinson, 1923-24. Photo: © Tate, London 2012’

Culture, Current Events and History Images

Japanese-American Internment at Manzanar. 1943. Calisthenics/photograph by Ansel Adams. From: American Memory, Library of Congress.

Image Indexes

Blue Eyed Husky Puppy 8651. By Robert & Mihaela Vicol.

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