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Career and Job Research

This guide is intended to provide suggestions to get you started researching careers and jobs.

Career and Job Research

The information in this research guide is designed to assist students as they research potential careers and employers. 

One place to start your research is to ask yourself "Who do I want to be?" and "What do I want to do?" Then, begin by researching different career paths to see which degrees or certifications are required. When you have a sense of your career path you can brainstorm relevant companies or organizations and research their mission statement to see if their values align with yours. This is a way to see if you would like to potentially work for the company before you start applying. 

Websites and Databases with Career Information

Highline College Career and Student Employment

Highline College Career Coach

Highline's Free Online Career Tool

  1. Watch the intro video on the Career Coach start page.
  2. Enter your desired career field or degree.
  3. Click on the job titles or programs that interest you.
  4. Don’t forget to create your resume!

Academic Advising

Association Websites

Professional associations are organizations that support members of a certain profession. An association helps members of specific field keep current, develop themselves professionally, and come together to discuss important issues in their profession.

An association's web site is a great place to learn about a potential career. Use Google to find an association web site for your profession. Search with your profession name and association (example: librarian association).

Google Web Search

Books from the Library