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COVID-19 Resources: Self care resources

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Renew with Sound & Meditation

Music is a way of self expression, these artists don't let the quarantine stop them.

Self-Care Strategies

A great way to combat stress and anxiety is to take our mind off of what is going on in the world and instead channel our energy into something personally fulfilling. While most libraries in our region are closed to the public you can still access their online resources including audio books, digital magazines, music, films and more!

When will this end?

How to Stay Safe and Sane during the COVID-19 Pandemic


He is doing all he can to stop the spread of Corona.....are you?😉 (Tips from CDC) 👍🏻 ##hamster ##corona ##cdc

♬ Its Corona time - playboierik21

Self-Care Strategies

Self-Care During a Pandemic

Being stuck at home can be stressful and you can only watch so much Netflix. Here are other ways to stay busy.

Just because you are stuck at home doesn't mean you can't see the world. Tired of Netflix? Take a tour and see what else is out there with these cams and walk thrus.

Help Others and Help Yourself

Relax with Art

Something Fun!!!

2020 Through the Eyes of a Cat