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CoP (Community of Practice - ABE/ESL): Home

a resource guide for Highline College ABE/ESL faculty in finding information relevant to best practices in instruction.


Searching the Web


Search Engine Tips (like Google)
use site:edu as a way of limiting searching to sites with an edu domain.

Examples : 

  • "english as a second language"  “culturally responsive teaching" site:edu
  • multilevel classes  ESL  site:gov
  • multilevel  classes ESL site:edu

Periodical Articles


Keywords are the key (no pun intended) in finding relevant results. 
 In researching
you can try a variety of keywords and combinations:

As an example, for ESL and Active Learning Techniques, you can try :

  • “English language -- Study & teaching”   AND   “active learning”
  • “Second Language learning”   AND   “active learning”
  • ESL AND “active learning”
  • “English as a Second Language” AND “student engagement”

For feedback to ESL students you can try:

  • "english as a second language" AND feedback AND adults
  • Second Language learning”  AND feedback AND "adult students"

For "cohesion among levels" you can try: